My name is Ruggero Micieli De Biase I was born in Ottaviano (NA) – Italy in 1970, always passionate about Computing, High Technology and Web Solution where I work, to a point in my life, I discovered a great passion for nature and photography naturalistic. So I want to show the intrinsic beauty of nature. By adopting various techniques, photography, landscaping, and macro photography, with time and patience and practice to achieve good results, seeking more and more people to know the environment and habits of the wildlife, paying attention not to affect the environment surrounding with its presence.
My photography adventure started with the Olympus digital camera, my first reflex after a few years began to weigh the lack of optics dedicated to naturalistic photography, and a new choice with which brand to start again after not a little time and a lot of indecision, I came to Canon.
After Canon today experiment the mirrorless world with satisfaction. Although I was a mere passionate, I wanted to share my shots, which you will find in my site.